The 2018 - 2019 Improv Soup Troupe

Aaron Foreman

Aaron Foreman is an American born singer, dancer, actor, magician, glass blower, gas station attendant , photographer, makeup artist and, dog enthusiast. He is best known for his roles in Pippin (Pippin), Make Way for Ducklings (Duckling) and in Pitch Perfect 3: Finding A New Beat (The New Beat). He was born in Missouri where he spent his childhood fishing, climbing trees and doing other all-American things. He found his love for preforming at the ripe age of 11 when his mother booked him a commercial for Trader Joes. Ever since then he has just loved speaking in front of people. Lately, he has been practicing with Improv Soup and can’t wait to preform as the broth.

Anya Doherty

Anya Doherty…..give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.You have 15 minutes to complete this test. Please circle true or false. You will be graded on how many questions you get correct.
1. Anya was born with the gift of having an atrocious ability to spell words correctlee. (T/F)
2. When Anya was younger she could be found dressing up in an assortment of clothing to gain laughs from an audience (typically her family) (T/F)
3. Anya is now 14 and can still be found dressing up in an assortment of clothing to gain laughs from an audience (typically her family) (T/F)
4. Anya’s nickname is Onion because Anya always makes people who are preparing dinner cry. (T/F)
5. Anya is in an improv troupe called Improv Soup that serves soup to enthusiastic soup lovers. (T/F)


Ellie was born a whopping 8 pounds, 14 ounces, and that is the size she stayed.  Ellie joined her first Un-Common show along with her sister in third grade where they were given the affectionate name of Berkenblitzzstzzstzes.  She was in the ensemble of the young performers’ productions of The Enchantment of Beauty and the Beast (2011) and Aladdin Jr. (2012).  Since then she has taken her Un-Common knowledge and has performed in other musicals such as School House Rock Live! Jr., Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Norbert Beany is Action Man, and Hamletta, the last two with Charles River Creative Arts Program.  Ellie loves acting, singing, dancing, and just outright being crazy.  She is trained in classical ballet and has performed in several productions of The Nutcracker.  Her illustrious roles include a flower, a homeless peasant girl (urchin), a magically un-melting snowflake, a mouse, and recently she was promoted to Mouse Queen.  Ellie joined Improv Soup to be the loud and crazy one in the group, but don’t let her looks deceive you!  She looks forward to performing with her Un-Common family!

Emily Kaeser

Emily Kaeser was uneventfully born in December and had a regular childhood. Emily enjoyed watching paint dry, reading dictionaries and golfing. This was until the day she discovered improv. Her change in personality was immediate. She began cliff diving, water buffalo racing and kayaking over waterfalls. Emily would like to thank her friends and family who told her to stop staring at the wall and do something.


Once there was a girl, named Dakota  Schantz born in Tampa, Florida. Daughter to Shawn and Maria, Seminoles of the state, who constantly fought with the Gators. At the age of 2, her, her parents, and two dogs, decided they needed a fresh start. On horseback they fled, and after 3 dreadfully hot days they landed in Massachusetts. Where later her brother was born. Realizing at the age of 5 she was not the right fit for the Seminole tribe, she redirected her life and took her first step on stage. Influenced by Meryl Streep, Wynona Ryder, Sutton Foster, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Christy Altomare, and many more she began Musical theatre, film and television. 9 years later she stumbled upon an audition for Improv Soup! On the day of the audition she was greeted by Chris Lowey, a woman with a welcoming smile and the rest is history. Dakota is thrilled to be a part of Improv Soup and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Flynn Duffy was born on August, 24, 2004 on the planet Krypton. After some shocking news about his home planet his parents decided to send him to Earth to grow up in the small town of Wrentham, Massachusetts. As a child he discovered that he had various superpowers like being able to fly, having the ability to lift up to 1000 pounds, and amazing improv skills. Flynn now spends his days performing in various musicals and rehearsing for improv soup where he has finally found his true calling. 

Jack Branigan

Jack Branigan, born Vladimir Besbalov, was born in the Koryak mountain range deep within the USSR. There he spent his early years working in the beet mines, mining beets for the country’s consumption. It was wearisome work in the mines, especially for an eleven-year-old, and Jack soon felt unsatisfied and feed up with his occupation. He began to hear whispers of a mystical art in a faraway land. Despite being discouraged by his family and fellow miners, Jack set off in search of a comedic career. He traveled across Russia and into Asia, where he would have stayed were it not for a violent disagreement between him and a number of Singapore night club owners. He then fled Asia and came to America, where he changed his name and sought out to join the legendary Improv Soup.


Jackson came into this world upside down and backwards…. literally! When I am not on stage I can be found in the lush green woods of Maine with my metal detector. I am an avid collector of military items and jokes! I am famous for my pranks, disco dancing and my character voices. When you see me on stage trust me you will be laughing!

Juliette Ambs

About Juliette Ambs – Known as either “the girl who talks too much” or “the girl who barely utters a word” depending on who you ask, Juliette is that person who changes her Tumblr url every month. In fourth grade, Juliette broke the record for most YA books read in twenty minutes. In her free time, this virtuoso googles wanted criminals and pretends to be an original Pokemon fan. Juliette discovered the world of performance in kindergarten when she was a ladybug in her school play. Ever since, she’s been drawn to the stage like a college student to a ramen sale.


Luke Lawson grew up over the river and through the woods, with the other cinnamon roll children in that one part of that one place. His grandfather taught him all his survival skills in the ever-evolving world of The Stage. He has come across many foes from the dastardly Oompa Loompas, the cunning tech crew, picky directors to finally the dreadful auditions and the monster, Reverend Samuel Parris. He is now a young man with the soul of an old guy and enjoys the company of his psychotic friends and the voices of the ghosts who haunt him.


Jack Friedman is an enigma, a man of mystery. A dealer of witty comebacks, obscure references, and bad advice. Call him what you will, but he is a man of culture, dabbling in the fine musical works of bands such as Toto, Billy Idol and most aggressively, Five Fingered Death Punch. Knick-knacks adorn his desk and quite often his head. For example, he once wore a munchkin box on his head for a whole hour and a half, in public, and didn’t even know it was there. Really. It happened. Everyone was staring and he couldn’t figure it out. Doesn’t he know how dumb that looked? Moving on, he also enjoys doing stupidly complex things for no reason at all. Anyone who knows him could tell you this. Nobody knows why he does this but he probably thought it was funny that the first letter in each sentence of this bio spells out his name an- hey I can see you checking!


On a dark and stormy night in August, Maddie’s parents stumbled into a mysterious shop on the side of the road, where they found a baby going by the name of Madeline. They were warned not to get her wet, expose her to bright lights, or feed her after midnight, all warnings they completely ignored. After taking far too many pictures, forcing her to learn to swim when she didn’t want to, and discovering that the sun hurt her eyes horribly, she decided to pursue a career in theatre, where she can be under bright spotlights all the time and spend her free time swimming. Now, having had a few too many midnight snacks, she has morphed into a strange and sinister creature who can be found loudly proclaiming shark facts, lying on any available horizontal surface, hissing at sunlight, and performing with Improv Soup!


Sophia was just a small town girl living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere…and it led her to Improv Soup. She first started performing in kindergarten when she was cast as the lead in an Aesop’s Fables play and still considers it her crowning achievement. After receiving the phone call inviting her to join Improv Soup, Sophia has displayed a pattern of erratic behavior including bouts of screaming happily and torturing her friends and family with terrible puns. She would like to thank said friends and family for putting up with her and for reminding her to write this bio. 

Zack Kaplan

About Zack Kaplan – Ever since he was a baby, Zachary was always finding his way into trouble, and he enjoyed this very much. Not only did he enjoy this but he strived for it. As he got older he wanted a job where he could pursue what he loved, so he became a criminal. Some of  his greatest criminal feats include stealing Shamu from Sea World, finding Atlantis( and moving it to the moon), abducting an imaginary friend, going over his data plan, convincing his friends he was an alien, and being too fabulous.
Although being a criminal was fun, Zack eventually got caught while committing the act of double dipping. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison, but he made a deal with the judge. He would become a police consultant, and he would use his uncharted intelligence to help bring an end to crime. He worked on a high profile case of an organized crime involving the running with scissors, and caught the man responsible, Victor McStruddlemigormansmorganheimerschmidt, or as his friends know him Big Vic. Zack was then rushed into witness protection, so Big Vic’s associates couldn’t get him. Now to this day Zack Kaplan spends his days in disguise as a teenage boy in Improv Soup.


Stella Scire, formerly known as the little girl who loved a good butter substitute until it became permanently wedged on her head, grew up primarily on a diet of broccoli slathered with mustard and all things marmite. Her love for tangy condiments sparked a single overly-dramatic mutant gene, which continued to grow and completely absorb her entire body. In her early years, she lived on a tiny island in Micronesia where her marine biologist parents were studying the eating habits of star-shaped echinoderms. It was here that she was befriended by a mystical whale, who had incidentally mistaken her for a hermit crab. It murmured into her ear a message that would forever change the course of her life and save the world. She didn’t share what this message was, however, it meant uprooting her family from everything they loved, and taking a vow of silence. From this point on she never spoke in a decibel that was detectable by humans. Only whales and dogs. She recently felt compelled to share this life changing message with the world by means of improv. Inconveniently, everything has to be theatrically acted out in a mime-like manner or in a low echoing drone sound. Enjoy!