The 2021 - 2022 Improv Soup Troupe


Alexis Maron really enjoys soups. So, when she heard about Improv Soup she knew she just had to join. Um, turns out Improv Soup, does not involve actual soup… So, Alexis, has now made it her lifelong mission to incorporate real soup into Improv Soup. We will start with chicken noodle soup and make our way down the list. 


Amelia Allen – Amelius maximus

Lifespan: unknown
Height: 70 inches
Top Speed: 40 mph
Habitat: Mansfield. Massachusetts
Wild Diet: Caesar salad, spaghetti, Chipotle burritos

Interesting Facts
-The wild Amelia, pictured above, may be found stealing birds and attaching them to her head.
-The wild Amelia spends her time dressing in funny outfits on stage.
-Recently, Amelia has taken to performing in Improv Soup, an improvisational comedy troupe in Massachusetts.


One random Wednesday in June 2007 Aaron was born while his mother starved and ate ice chips in labor. Once she was finally able to eat a cheeseburger, his life began. Aaron has been devoted to being in the spotlight since day one, after his twin sister came out of the womb first.  He considers playing the Young Kangaroo in his 5th grade production of “Seussical the Musical” his life’s greatest achievement. Onto a darker note, Aaron has forever suffered the effects of a Comedy Central skit made many years ago. To this day, people still mock him with the name “Ay-Ay-Ron”. Because of this, Aaron has decided to start fresh. Although no one has ever called him this in real life, the back of his T-Shirt will say “Scibs”, as a way of metaphorically (not really metaphorically though) starting fresh. In his free time, Aaron likes to stress bake, watch Netflix, hang out with his friends, and ridicule passer-byers. He thrives off of Taylor Swift and Chipotle burrito bowls.


Audrey Trivedi grew up never having a nickname. She always wished for one but no one ever created one. When she got older, she finally accepted the fact that she just would have to go by Audrey for her entire life.Coming to middle school, she made many new friends, but none of them could find her a nickname. They tried and tried but nothing worked. One day she was sitting in French class staring at a paper. On this paper was a list of names to choose from. This would become your French name for the year. She decided to pick the name closest to her own name, so she chose Aude (pronounced ode). As time went on, the name became more and more iconic. Now, she is pretty sure her friends do not remember her real name anymore, even the ones who took Spanish. Everyone calls her Aude, and she now responds to it even quicker than she does to her own name. Since her search for a nickname has been completed, she now enjoys acting in plays and musicals. She also enjoys drawing and she has joined an improv troupe called Improv Soup.


Brody has been acting out characters since he was two years old when his mother made him a homemade Buzz Lightyear jetpack and he never took it off. Since that time, he’s always had a prop, costume and the perfect line at the ready. At a young age he realized he loved the bright lights of the stage and had a talent for acting, singing and making people laugh. He has continued doing shows with multiple groups such as Un-Common Theatre, MMAS and his school’s drama club. A couple of his most favorite and suited roles have been the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz and Nicely Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls. He was waiting and training for the day he turned 13 and could audition for the Improv Soup Troupe.  He realized his dream when he earned a spot on the Troupe and could perform with such a great group! 


Flynn Duffy was born on August, 24, 2004 on the planet Krypton. After some shocking news about his home planet his parents decided to send him to Earth to grow up in the small town of Wrentham, Massachusetts. As a child he discovered that he had various superpowers like being able to fly, having the ability to lift up to 1000 pounds, and amazing improv skills. Flynn now spends his days performing in various musicals and rehearsing for improv soup where he has finally found his true calling. 


India-Mae Fraser was born one interesting September day that would change the course of Fraser history forever. Being the youngest of three, her favorite hobbies when she was little included ignoring her older sisters’ orders and wreaking general havoc. As she grew up, she became overly obsessed with books, theatre, and writing. She began doing theatre at Un-Common as soon as she could, at age 6, and she hasn’t stopped being in musicals since. After watching her oldest sister perform for years with Improv Soup, she fell in love with the troupe and was determined to join. Now, she is thrilled to be a part of Improv Soup.


is for Charles Richard Craig… I’m not that fancy so I prefer to go by “Charlie”… or some know me as “Uncle Charlie” or “Funcle Charlie” (fun uncle)

H is for Hamburgers….I love them & could eat them every day!  Mayo and ketchup and never Pickles!! 

A is for Alex… Julian and Vinny!~  my nephews who love me very much….they are as much fun as they are work! 

R is for “Gimme an R”  Helix – Rock You (1994… go ahead… google it… volume @ max)

L is for Listening to good music and comedy… AJR, Nirvana, Bill Burr & Joe Rogan…..  the list is always growing…

I is for Improv-ICE CREAM…..  who doesn’t like it??!!!   The best is Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough!

E is for Entertainment…. As I am sure we as a team will be rocking the improv world!




Wanted dead or alive for the crime of bad puns

HEIGHT: Fun sized

LAST SEEN: Improv Soup

DESCRIPTION: Last seen driving their getaway car, a blue, yellow, and red Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.

NOTES: This criminal is heavily armed with bad knock knock jokes and thirteen different variations of “why did the chicken cross the road”. Avoid mentioning soup while communicating with them, as their stock of souper pho-nomenal puns ranges in the boullions!


Often found in or around Sharon, MA, Hettie Van Dyke is estimated to be around 5’7”. As of the 2010 census, she had an age of five, but it is estimated that through careful and strategic marketing, she has increased this number by at least ten as of 2020. Hettie resides in a cave at the foot of a small hill, where she plays solitaire and memorizes bread recipes. She currently knows at least seven. However, she guards these recipes closely, and when asked about them, she simply said “Flour. Yeast. Emotion. Interpretive Dance.” These inspirational words have made appearances from the Times Square Billboards to Saturday Night Live to a small performance art piece shut down on its first night after the entire audience fell asleep halfway through. Hettie has recently made the decision that she will share her bread recipes with the world while performing with Improv Soup. Ideally, the audience will not fall asleep as she does so.  (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Sophia was just a small town girl living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere…and it led her to Improv Soup. She first started performing in kindergarten when she was cast as the lead in an Aesop’s Fables play and still considers it her crowning achievement. After receiving the phone call inviting her to join Improv Soup, Sophia has displayed a pattern of erratic behavior including bouts of screaming happily and torturing her friends and family with terrible puns. She would like to thank said friends and family for putting up with her and for reminding her to write this bio. 


Stella Scire, formerly known as the little girl who loved a good butter substitute until it became permanently wedged on her head, grew up primarily on a diet of broccoli slathered with mustard and all things marmite. Her love for tangy condiments sparked a single overly-dramatic mutant gene, which continued to grow and completely absorb her entire body. In her early years, she lived on a tiny island in Micronesia where her marine biologist parents were studying the eating habits of star-shaped echinoderms. It was here that she was befriended by a mystical whale, who had incidentally mistaken her for a hermit crab. It murmured into her ear a message that would forever change the course of her life and save the world. She didn’t share what this message was, however, it meant uprooting her family from everything they loved, and taking a vow of silence. From this point on she never spoke in a decibel that was detectable by humans. Only whales and dogs. She recently felt compelled to share this life changing message with the world by means of improv. Inconveniently, everything has to be theatrically acted out in a mime-like manner or in a low echoing drone sound. Enjoy!


Johnny was born on your average day in April.  He was born in a small country commonly known as the “U.S.A”.  He has been seen moving around the U.S. a lot, like how he moved from Walpole to Pennsylvania when he was 8, then from Pennsylvania to Foxboro when he was 12.  He never really showed much interest in musicals/theatre but loves any type of comedy.  So, when he saw the Improv Soup Jr. workshop, he thought “Why not?” and made one of the best choices of his life.  He then later moved on to audition for Improv Soup (after a year break with COVID) and, to his surprise, got in.  Among improv, Johnny loves to run (some say he has been running ever since his “incident” with the FBI and multiple international governments), loves to mountain/trail bike (he isn’t sure of the difference), he enjoys programming, and he also enjoys being with friends and just going with the flow.


In a galaxy far far away a young jedi by the name of Sadie fought hard to defeat the evil empire. Her mission there was unsuccessful so she came back to planet earth and joined the local improv troupe, Improv Soup. She needed some comedy in her life after what she had been through. She now enjoys bringing laughter to her family and friends. In her free time she loves to take pictures and play with her dog who may or may not be an alien. 


Zoe is a fairly whimsical nerd who has, many times, attempted to describe herself in one sentence and failed miserably. This disappoints her a great deal given that she is a writer. When not disappointing herself, Zoe often partakes in activities such as: 

– screaming at the night sky 

– cackling to herself for reasons indiscernible to observers

– drawing on her iPad

and, most commonly, playing games that are best described as “utopian,” “beautiful,” and “unrealistic.” If you see a Zoe that is not wearing headphones, congratulate yourself. You have spotted something very rare indeed. She was raised in the small town of Night Vale, where it was impressed upon her that not wearing headphones may cause her imminent death. Other things she learned to do in Night Vale include playing Dungeons & Dragons, yearning deeply for pet rats which are forbidden to her, and reading the palms of humanoids (though not bugbears. She apologizes in advance.) 

Zoe joined Improv Soup as part of an undercover operation which she hopes will reveal to her the secrets of subliminal messaging in the human mind. Stargazing has failed her due to the Holistic approach she takes in her life. She would like to thank her parents, her Very Furry Dogs and the faceless old woman who secretly lives in her home, for believing in her, and also for helping her hang origami butterflies from the ceiling of her bedroom.