The Un-Common Theatre Company takes the safety of its participants very seriously. We are a safe space for actors of all genders, races, backgrounds and beliefs to be treated with respect so they can contribute fully and have equal opportunities. Our safety policies and procedures are put in place in an effort to promote a safe and secure environment for all of our participants.

All of our parents and/or adult volunteers (18+) with direct access to children will have passed a CORI background check. This includes any producers, creative team members as well as the orchestra members, contract laborers and all volunteers working on any aspect of the show.

From casting, through rehearsals, tech week and shows:

  • The Un-Common Theatre Company subscribes to the rule of three. At all times there must be a minimum of three people together, this ensures a child is never alone with an adult. At no time is there to be two people working together unattended. For example, if the music director wants to work with a child in the hall, an adult or another student must also be present. Additionally, staff and volunteers shall never leave a child unsupervised. This includes before, during or after a rehearsal.
  • Theatre can be an interactive art. While many scenes require physical interaction, we will not ask anyone to perform any scene that they are not comfortable with. A child’s right to say “No” is encouraged and respected.
  • A cast member is encouraged to speak up to any adult in charge if they find themselves feeling uncomfortable in any way. Staff and volunteers will respect children’s rights to say no to anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated:

  • As we stress to our casts, bullying, speaking inappropriately, speaking down to people or treating others with disrespect in any way, by any volunteer and/or staff member is not acceptable and will be met with the possibility of being removed from the show.

Additional Protocols:

  • Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while working with or around the children is prohibited. Smoking or use of tobacco or vaping in the presence of children is prohibited.

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