are held in November and December kicking off our season and are comprised of a cast of second through 12th graders. These show have been performed at The Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro utilizing many professionals to give our cast and audiences a very professional theatre experience.

are held in March and cast children in grades one through six and are directed and choreographed by high school students, offering a unique experience for the creative team, the cast and our audiences. Younger performers are given an opportunity to play larger, more substantial roles in a full musical production. These shows are also an ideal introduction to the theatre for brand-new performers. This more relaxed and nurturing atmosphere allows first-time performers to learn from and develop their skills with their peers and allows older cast members the opportunity to mentor.

With these shows, Un-Common also seeks to offer parents and grandparents an age-appropriate venue to introduce kids to the live theatre experience. We choose material that will appeal to a young audience and allows this audience to enjoy theatre for kids by kids. Our hope is to begin to instill an appreciation of the arts in a new generation. These shows are performed at the Qualters Middle School in Mansfield.

are held in April and seek to showcase the talents of middle and high school students. We have presented musicals as well as straight plays and were awarded the Moss Hart Award for our production of The Secret Garden.  These shows have been performed at The Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro.

Developed in 2004 these productions are held in July and offer an opportunity for 16 through 21 year olds to perform very cutting-edge material. In addition to their acting duties, cast members are exposed to the overall production demands through required participation in behind the scenes activities. This experience gives them a greater appreciation of all the work that is necessary to create a quality theatre experience for the audience.

Past shows have included Rent – School Edition (the 2006 Moss Hart Award winner),  Spring Awakening (the national debut for a community theatre group), American Idiot (national non-equity debut) and many other shows that actors of this age don’t normally have an opportunity to participate in. These shows have been performed at The Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro and the MMAS Blackbox Theater in Mansfield.

performs monthly throughout the school year at the Burrell School in Foxboro and at other local venues. Comprised of 13-15 high schools students, this group develops important team building skills and learns to work as a unit and support each other during the process. We also offer an Improv Soup, Jr. workshop to open up this experience for middle school students each fall.

for those who do not seek the spotlight of acting on stage, we offer Tech Workshops, which teach the ins and outs of all aspects of behind the scenes of a production. Seasoned professionals share their knowledge of lighting design, set design and construction, sound design and stage management, giving participants experience with a wide range of skills. They then have the opportunity to use these newly acquired skills in one of our upcoming productions.

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