Improv Soup Bowl


The Un-Common Theatre Company is pleased to announce dates for their annual series of Improvisation Workshops.

This 8 session workshop series will be taught by Director and Improv Soup Alumni, Colleen Murphy (Brighton, MA), aided by experienced Improv Soup members and will allow budding improvisers to experience the excitement of being part of an Improv troupe. Participants will learn basic Improv skills, learn to work as a team and will perform a show for friends and family at the last session. Each year’s workshop content is different and we welcome return attendees.

Eligible students must be in grades 7-10 and the cost for the workshop will be $150.

All classes will be held at St. Marks Church, 116 South St, Foxboro, MA.

A maximum of fifteen students will be able to take part in the 8 session workshop series and will be chosen on a first come basis. To sign up email Chris Lowey at or call (508) 698-3939 leaving your name, grade, phone number and email address. You will receive an email with a registration form to fill out and will be expected to pay the $150 workshop fee before the first class.

The class schedule is as follows:
Sunday October 22
Sundays November 5 & 26
Sundays December 3 & 17
Sundays January 7 & 21
Sunday February 11

All classes and the show will be from 4 – 5pm.

Please note that Improv Soup Junior members are not guaranteed a spot in the Improv Soup Troupe, but will be eligible to audition in May 2018 and will have the advantage of Improv experience going into future auditions.

Please direct any questions to Chris at (508) 698-3939.

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