Improv Soup Bowl

A couple of things to know before you audition:

  • There is no preparation needed for this audition. Anything you need to know will be taught to you when you arrive.
  • We are looking to add 4- 6 new troupe members this year.
  • We are auditioning many students, not everyone will be offered a position in the troupe.
  • An improv troupe requires many different personalities to be successful. With that in mind you should come in casual clothes, prepared to have fun and be yourself at the audition so that we may see the many facets of your personality.
  • If you are not offered a position in the troupe at this time you may be interested in attending our Improv Soup Jr workshop which will be held next season.
  • If you are chosen to join the troupe you will be expected to be at Improv Soup rehearsals Sunday June 2nd 5-6:30pm and attend the final show of the year on Friday June 14th at no charge. Starting in September 2024 you will attend rehearsals twice a month on Sundays from 5-6:30pm and perform in shows monthly from October – June. The troupe fee is $160 per year..

Thank you

Chris Lowey
Production Manager


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